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Monday Again…

January 4, 2010

It never seems to fail. Every time I start feeling all relaxed and rested another Monday comes waltzing in.

This Monday just seems a little more brutal than others. It is the first Monday back to school for the kids and that means it is not only the first day back to work for me after almost two weeks off, but it also means that our beloved tree and all the trimmings needs to come down.

I hate this time of year. It means that I have to wait almost a whole year before I get to see the shining glory that is our tree. I have to wait almost another year before I get to secretly spoil the heck out of my kids, and shower my friends and family with handmade gifts and goodies.

It also means I have to start cracking on next years christmas gifts and that all the ones I had made are gone off to their new homes and that my hidden store of stuff is gone.

This Monday also signals the start of a super busy month for me. Two of my kids have birthdays this month, that means two birthday dinners, and one giant party. I also have a motorcycle show mid month smack between the girls birthdays.

Long month. Best get cracking.

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