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Another Day ….

January 6, 2010

…. Another Blog post.

So here I am starting out on day four or five of my new resolution of writing more this year.

You see I love writing but I dont seem to be able to make it a full priority in my life. There is always something that is getting in the way of my writing. Whether it be work, school, the kids, social obligations or whatever there is always some excuse that I can come up with as to why I cant write at least a few hundred words a day.

So this year I have decided that 2010 is going to be the year that I start putting my writing as a priority.

So without further ado here is my Writing list of Things To Do for 2010:

~Write one blog post every day, or as close to that as I can.
~Finish the four thriller novels I have partly done.
~Work with other writers to tighten and improve my writing.
~Work on getting myself a job and a following on
~Write a Flash Fiction Friday for google groups every week.
~Write a cumulative total of 365,000 words for WriYe (the entire year)
~Write 115-120K during the month of november for NaNoWriMo.

That may seem like a tall order for anyone but for me its the fuel for my fire. A tall order will be just enough to keep me in line to actually DO all of it.

I dont fail. So therefore I will get all this done this year. Just you wait and see.


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