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Week One Is Done….

January 10, 2010

Well week one of the new year is done…. How have I fared?

All things considered I dont think I have done too poorly.
I wanted to get the following things done this week (From Sunday to Saturday):
~One School Unit (DONE)
~7 Blog entries (DONE)
~7 Scenes (3.5/7 DONE)
~7000 words cumulative (6001/7000 DONE)
~One F3
~One christmas stocking

BUT I did also bake fresh muffins and pancakes every day, plus all other household chores, made a pair of legwarmers for my next door neighbours daughter for her birthday, plus worked two jobs. Oh! And I made a really neat desktop background of pictures of the girls, and started a new pair of socks for myself. Crocheted of course 🙂

SO all in all I dont think I did too badly at all. Next week its more of the same. I am going to try and get caught up on a few writing things before bed. Seven minutes left to publish this blog 🙂


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