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Bloody Monday….

January 11, 2010

You all have heard the song that goes “Sunday….bloody Sunday” well its not sunday but hot damm it is a pain in my arse day.

The kids have decided that today is going to be one of those days where they push every single button I have and to manage to do it all before they even head out the door to school.

It was 8:05 this morning when my oldest and youngest finally made it downstairs for breakfast. It was 8:10 this morning when I went upstairs and dressed and brushed the hair of my middle one. This is after I had been nagging and harping on them to get moving for almost an hour (I started at about 7:25)

For the record, we are supposed to be leave to take the older two to school at 8:20/8:25…


I think it is time for me to pull out the Drill Sargent Mom and let them see how they like me after a few mornings of having to get up at 6am. Me I can find a ton of things to do at that hour.

Speaking of things to do I have managed to get a ton of stuff done myself this morning.

~Baked & Decorated 24 green Monster cupcakes (to be taken to school for Ky’s Class)
~Baked a loaf of Blueberry bread (Think banana bread, only blueberries)
~Made pancakes for breakfast tomorrow
~Cleaned the kitchen, dining room and living room
~Washed and dried Adult Laundry
~Washed one out of two loads of kids laundry
~wrote my F3 for friday as I know I wont be around during the day to write it and will be too burnt out by the time I get home to write it.

And now I am doing my blog for the day. I still have half an hour to get ready for work, do my hair and make up and pack my bag.

I guess I really should get to that 🙂 Cant stop the productive day 🙂

Talk later!


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