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So This Is What It Feels Like….

January 11, 2010

….To Be Old.

Today my “baby” turned 6. My middle daughter lost yet another tooth. And I realized that I dont need to bend down much to wrap my arm around my oldest daughters shoulders when we walk down the street anymore.


Its so amazing how fast the years roll by. It seemed not so long ago they were just babes in my arms and now they are three young ladies. Scarey is more the word I think I am looking for here.

I often wonder how I am going to handle it when they are starting into high school and then university, god I shudder to think what life will be like then.

Truth be told I also look forward to it. Yes my babies will be grown, but I also cant wait to see the kind of people they turn out to be. Will Hope be the doctor shes aching to be? Will AJ head to Hollywood to make movies? What about Ky? Where will she end up?

The possibilities are only limited to the scope of their imaginations. Im just along for the ride!



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