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So About the Writing…

January 13, 2010

I have been working away in this world of mine on my school work and it has gone well. I have done a weeks worth of reading and note taking in two days. And that has been good as I will be spending the weekend working the International Motorcycle show.

Not entire sure how I feel about that yet other than OH GOD NOT ANOTHER ONE! Every year we do two shows in the winter. It is what we use to keep us open year round. The problem is this. We are understaffed. Not so much that we dont have enough people to fill our booth, but we need brains not just bodies. And we are short people this year too. And to top it off this is the more annoying of the two shows. People just dont get it when you say ‘no sir you have to pay taxes on everything’ ARGH!! Ahh well it comes and goes. Its got its high points too, dont get me wrong, but I dont know for some reason I am not looking forward to it.

Either way I may have been keeping up with some of my things, my blog for one, and my school work and I may have already prepped my F3 (Flash Fiction Fridays) post but I havent been writing my book. I am supposed to be writing a scene a day and that just hasnt happened as of late. I need to get back on that soon otherwise i shall not finish first draft by the end of the month as I have planned.

Things to do in the next two days:
Need to finish plotting out the scenes.
Need to find the end of story.
Need to write it all out.

Ok writing time 🙂


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