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Its Over….

January 18, 2010

Its about 945pm on Sunday night and I am happy to report that the weekend is FINALLY over. And I have never been so happy to see a Monday on the horizon as I am tonight.

Friday wasnt too bad. It was busier than most fridays of this show. But it wasnt crazy busy. Just enough to keep us going all day and that was about it. I spent about 8 hours running cash. Not too many idiots that day.

There was however one chick that I just wanted to give a good shake to. I mean at these sorts of shows you always have what are called “booth bunnies”. For those that dont know they are scantily clad women who’s soul purpose is to stand there show their fake-n-bake tans and their other “assets” to men who walk by, in the hopes that they will gain attention to their booth.

Thankfully my boss does not feel the need to stoop to that level of marketing. I for one would NOT be the one standing there showing off my assets.

ANYWAYS back to this one girl was wearing a pair of “Daisy Dukes” that looked like not only had they been run through a shredder but they had also been shrunk in the wash a few times. I am not kidding you when I say that this chick had about three quarters of her butt cheeks sticking out. Now dont get me wrong this gal had not an ounce of cellulite on her anywhere, but cmon folks there are kids around and here she is in four inch heels and a blue jean thong.

Her mother and father must be so proud.

I managed to get out of there with the help of freinds and then spent the evening at home with my hubby, kids and amigos watching a movie and eating chinese. Definately a good way to spend a night!

Saturday was an entirely different story. It was insanity at its best. We are talking wall to wall people of every shape and size imaginable. These shows certainly bring out all sorts of people. It was nice to see some of our regulars, one of whom you may know George Stroumboulopoulos. Nice guy and manners that would make any mother proud. I got a chance to meet him last show we did in December and was happy to get a chance to say hello again this show between the massive amounts of people that came rolling into our booth.

We broke records that day. Best show day I think we have had in the history of our shop. But I am telling you by four oclock my brains were like the consistancy of Jello and it showed. So here I am thinking okay Ill have myself the Rockstar I packed and that should get me rolling good.

It lasted about two hours before the fog started back in. And then to make matters worse, when I left at 630 no one else was heading out and I ended up taking the bus home from the airport. MAN! What a totally long ride. Got home just a bit before eight and all I wanted to do was sleep. But somehow I managed to muster enough energy to spend sometime with the kids and my neighbour who came over to play some Wii Sports with us. Another good night was had.

However by the time I got rolling this morning I had barely enough to go on to get me there. But it was no where near as busy today as it was yesterday. It was busy enough for the day to go by at a decent rate. However there was a lot of stupid people today. No one seemed to get that I wasnt anywhere near going to budge with our prices and was certainly not going to do tax in on any of our already ridiculously low prices. ARGH! Stupid people when I say no and that I have to add tax on top of it get it through your head I am not backing down! Dont stand there with the item on my counter or in your hand for ten minutes going between staring me down and staring at the item thinking that it is really going to do ANYTHING to help your situation.


BLARGH! I swear one guy did that today. EASY ten minutes. I wanted to tell him to like give up and that I wasnt going to change my mind and just go bugger off or pay the tax.


Tear down went quickly. Many hands making light work. I was out of there and on my way home by about ten to eight.

I was very much happy that I got a chance to see one of my hubby’s cousins this weekend. She also works for a bike shop and they had a massive booth there. They were on one end of the convention center and our booth was on the other. However it was quite nice to be able to walk down every day to go see her. It was a touch of sanity in the midst of total chaos. Definitely something that will have to happen every show as it became something I looked forward to and I know she enjoyed the three minute visits as much as I did. Again its that breath of sanity. We need/deserve it!

At the end of it all I find that I am not quite as tired as I thought I would be. Thats not saying that once I finish this blog up for the night that i wont simply pass right out here on the couch. But for the moment I am doing alright, sipping my coffee and waiting for my samosas to settle down in my stomach before I hit the hay.

Back up and to the rat race again tomorrow. No rest for the wicked and the weary.


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  1. January 18, 2010 10:35 am

    sounds like everything went as well as you were expecting! lol… oh well, take monday to relax and get back to the hectic times tomorrow, you deserve it :] xxx

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