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Monday Monday…

January 18, 2010

… Cant trust that day.



Ok I am alive. Slightly. Have a knot in my left shoulder the size of Texas, and where it is is making every breath a pain. Argh! and I let Scott go to work before i realized I was having a knot moment.

See I get these sorts of knots all the time. They are right under my shoulder blades and usually are about the size of a good-sized gumball. Not fun little things as they are a pain to get at by myself and can turn a decent day into one where Im trying to find ways to get the knot out of my shoulder.


Ok Ill be alright. Going to go have a coffee with a friend of mine in a little bit so I should be able to get her to get it out for me. She is good at those sorts of things.


What do I have to get done today… what to do what to do.

~Bake banana bread
~Make dinner

Oh and father in law is headed over to bring presents for Ky and Hope after I drop off the kids at school. So this is going to be an interesting morning to say the least.

Oh well here goes nothing 🙂


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