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My Body Is Revolting…

January 20, 2010

… and it has decided that I can not be a hero all the time. But what it fails to realize is that it really doesnt have a choice in the matter.

Yes. I am sick. Thanks in part to my beloved children, two of whom have managed to get a cold this week, and thanks to a weekend full of nonstop action. One kid is much better just had a runny nose and a cough earlier this week and the other lost her voice yesterday and has been nicknamed Squeeky until it comes back again. Shes not doing too bad except the squeek in her voice and being a bit sluggish. Nothing that one day home with hot liquids and rest wont cure.

Me? Well my head is feeling like a bongo drum, and nose is running like somebody’s leaky sink and my throat feels like I swallowed a mouthful of gravel. Not a pleasant feeling to say the least. I would normally go into work even as I am but since Hope is off resting I will be taking the day to rest myself.

Except for the fact of course that I need to make 36 cupcakes by mid-day tomorrow, and let me tell you folks. I am missing a VERY important ingredient. Vanilla extract. I have none. Not a drop. And I need it.

Oh and my oven wasnt broken after all. A button which shouldnt have been pulled out was and once it got pushed in by my hubby it worked fine. Bloody people messing with my oven making me look like some ditzy dumb blonde.


My head. Dammit.

I also am not taking another night off my evening job today. I have already taken two nights off to try and patch up my kids. So that being said I am NOT taking another night off.

But oh god how I WANT to. This is bad. I want to and I have reason to. But I know I cant. ARGH!

So okay now I know I am not now I have to find a way to get all my ducks in a row… maybe lemon extract? They are supposed to be yellow cupcakes after all… maybe make breakfast for dinner? Bake another banana bread for tomorrows lunch or banana muffins? Hmmmm now my brains getting it on.

And I should really study. I cant allow myself to fall behind on that. And my writing. I sucked last night. When I was supposed to be writing I ended up reconnecting with a very special friend of mine. We hadnt spoken in over a year. It was a bad thing for both of us as we were very much a part of each others daily lives. God damned economy crash. Shes back again and Im mucho happy to see that she and her family survived it all and are getting back to normal.

Me? Well I have some to catch up on.

Right. Getting on it.

Dammit… what do you mean the laundry aint going to wash itself and that the baking aint going to put itself together??


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