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My Little Hero….

January 20, 2010

Ok while I admit I have turned into a bit of a suck today what with being sick and all. No I havent worked a stitch all day. I have to say that I have a Little Hero in my house today.

And that is my daughter Ambyr. She came through for me today when I REALLY needed her. I had cupcakes to make and I had promised Hope that I would have in time for her class tomorrow. But being sick I didnt want to be standing there breathing over them as I put things together.

That being said I turned to the one other person in the house that I knew could read and follow a recipe that was hand written in my chicken scratch, Ambyr.

As per usual when I stick her with a less than usual task she shined. Did everything the way I wanted it as I sat there across the room supervising.

What a girl. So proud of the good things that shes been doing.

So Ambyr saved the day and help me give Hope what she really wanted for her birthday.

Thanks AJ, you rocked today.


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  1. January 21, 2010 1:56 am

    that is so beautiful ❤ well done ambyr 😀 xxx

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