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A Dawn of A New Day…

January 23, 2010

Well I am proud of the idea I have come up with with regards to the girls and their chores. The Contract was put into place last night post piano. It is something that I hope will inspire the kids to do their chores to earn the bonus’ that they want.

The Deal:
1 chore completed when asked, in a timely manner & completed properly = 5 minutes of video game time on the weekend.

1 chore left incomplete, not completed when asked or if it takes more than a reasonable amount of time to complete = 5 minutes lost of video game time.

Also bad behavior (ie lying, stealing and poor attitude) will also result in a loss of 5 minutes for each infraction.

Any negative time left at the end of the week will result in an extra chore to be done around the house to make up that time.

Any video game time can be split between the computer and the Wii to be redeemed on the weekend.

We have a log book to keep track of their time so that there is no confusion.

So far we have one young lady who does not want to get her butt moving. Otherwise the other two have jumped at the chance to get their time 🙂

Heres hoping this works. I get very tired of telling them to get this done and that done. It causes a strain on our time together, which during the week isnt that much. Ahhh well. It should work. At least for now.

In other news. Our friends birthday party was cancelled today due to her little sister being sick. Poor thing. But I on the other hand am feeling mucho better and should be running out the door shortly to get the party supplies and then i have to come home and bake some cakes.

No I didnt get to that yesterday, too much running around to do and me with very little energy.

Oh well today is a new day and I got time to burn. So here I go!

Catch yall later 🙂


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