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And We’re Off…

January 25, 2010

It is a bright and early rainy foggy morning. And its a monday. Not that I want it to be a monday but I dont exactly get a choice in the matter.


I am honestly shocked as to how well yesterday went off. Yes I know it took a bunch of people to make it happen but the fact of the matter is even with all the childrens around there wasnt anything major to clean up.

Thanks to many hands it only too about ten minutes with all the hands to clean up. Even the huge pile of balloons got popped and disappeared — thank god because I hate dealing with them things for months after a party.

Anyways I have a ton of things to get through today, although I managed to make my life as easy as possible. I have an assembly at the school to attend at 9:40. I have a paid survey to be at at 11:30 or earlier.

And then I have to go to both jobs. Plus catch up on my school work, and write of course. I am taking the week off baking due to the fact that I am utterly whipped and desparately need a bit of a break. This month has been hell.

Ahh well. Best get at then!


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