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January 26, 2010

I am seriously disappointed in myself at the moment. And I know you all are going to think that I am insane for even thinking that I have failed, but I have to tell you I am no where near close to where I want to be for the month. Although I have come far in both my writing and my school, I am falling short.

It started last week. I was doing alright up until that point. Well sort of. I mean I am behind in my writing but that would have been manageable had last week not went down as it did.

Now I find myself a week behind in my schooling and a week behind in my writing. And I am in need of two pairs of leg warmers before the weekend.


I know I did so much else. That the feats that I have accomplished this month far outweigh the things i didnt get to get done, but that is not the point. I made a set of goals and I am falling behind.

So the rest of this week I am going to have to bust a hump to get it all done. At the end of the day I know that I tried. That I have done the best that I could with the time I had and that is all I can ask of myself but I cant help but feel disappointed in myself.

Well off to it I go. Not giving up without a fight!


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