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Where I Stand…

January 28, 2010

Where do I stand now that the week is half over?

Well let me see. I have managed to catch back up from last week for school and have put myself on target for this week. I have finished one pair leg warmers. And I am about 7735 behind in my word count now.

Better off than I was before thats for sure. I have moved a few mountains in a couple of days. The hardest part for me is getting that writing in. I have no motivation to write. I feel like I wont have enough time to finish this MS before the months end like I promised myself that I would. But in reality that isnt the case at all.

I have ten measly scenes left to write. Average per scene is 1-1.5K worth of wordage. Two of those scenes have already been started. One of which is half way done. That being said its not really as bleak as my pathetic mind makes it out to be.

But here I sulk. Well semi-sulking.

Oh wait. Maybe I should let you guys into another thing that happened earlier this week. That might give you an idea of why I am walking a bit wounded.

See I have joined this called Scribophile and it is a site where writers go to give honest critiques of each others works. Which is something I need. As I want to not only write novels but I want to write GOOD novels. Ones that people enjoy reading.

So imagine the sting I felt when someone read the second chapter in my first novel and stopped half way through because of all the grammatical errors in it. OUCH! I know I suck grammatically and it is something that I am actively working on through reading grammar books and working with a kick-butt friend of mine (starting this weekend — YAY VIX TWO MORE SLEEPS!!) but to have someone actually stop half way through the chapter and say — Im not reading anymore of this because your grammar stinks, well truth be told folks it did a little more than stung.

But I am starting to get a thick skin about the stinging part of writing. A lot better than when I started out a bunch of years ago. Years ago I would have said the person who made the comment about stopping halfway through was a bloody idiot and didnt have a clue what she was talking about. Now I know better, and realize that while her comment came off a bit harsh there is a lot of truth to what she is saying.

I know that there are going to be people who love my work and people who dont. I know that there are plenty of things I have to work on in order to become a GOOD writer, technically speaking. So I take the comments in as much as I can and use what I have to to make my writing better. Im not an egotist and dont think my work is perfect because I know it aint. I write because I have stories to tell and I want to tell the world all about them.

I will get there one day. Someday. No telling when it is going to happen, but I will get there. And you faithful readers will be there, along for the ride 🙂


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  1. January 28, 2010 10:53 pm

    I'd encourage you to go back to your previous way of thinking and declare that person an idiot. Instead of refusing to read anymore, did they not think of correcting any errors and giving them back to you? Or pointing you in the right direction for how to improve things? What a negative person. Obviously one who doesn't like to be bettered. I will admit that your grammatical errors bugged me a bit whilst reading your novel, but I have altered a bunch when reading ur shorter stories to help you out. Don't they understand the point of having an editor etc? It's extremely fickle to give up reading a great story just because of a few grammatical errors. I can't wait to have more time to be able to read some more of ur writing :] xxx

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