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January 29, 2010

And where am I in the list of things to do?


I left off the night only 5722 words behind my count, I still need a pair of legwarmers and I barely read a thing for school.

Not bad for a days work. Not great either but not too bad. I mean I did write over 3000 words yesterday all together. Which for me is nothing short of a miracle. I never write in January and here I am busting it to finish the novels I have started.

I can do it. It is within my reach. I have a load of time on Sunday to get finished what i need to do, alls I have to do is get the legwarmers done tonight, and some of the schoolwork. If I can make myself stay up a little later I might be able to squeeze in some more writing.

Tomorrow is the day I get to start my great big adventure in grammar and punctuation! I am very excited. It is a day that is two months in the making. Ever since the end of NaNo I have been waiting to find a decent day to get together with my good pal Vix as she is a freelance writer (check out her and regular columns on here) to do a major over haul with my writing.


Oh that works on so many levels it aint funny. Anyways I need to get meself back on track here at the house. So many things are going on, bosses dropping off pay, a smoking survey thing I must go to this morning (the last one today so that means I get paid.), I have a birthday gift to pick up for AJs best buddy, I have school work to read, writing to write, and then there is work and tonight is piano. Mind you the last bit could end up cancelled due to damm cold weather. It is currently -14c out there and thats not counting the wind.

Man! I wish Mother Nature would just get over this whole cold thing. Its not going to be a proper WINTER this year and she just needs to cut out pretending that it is.

Come on Willy! Come on Phill! Noooooo Shadows!!!


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