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Drill Sgt Mom is in the house! Take Two (Day One)

February 2, 2010

Clearly the kids thought I was kidding the last time we went through all of this. They were still acting like fools yesterday morning. Took a million and one years to get down and then fooled around at the breakfast table. It was a quarter past eight when I finally gave up and told them if they wanted they could be late for school, and that I wasnt warning them again.

They got to school after second bell. Which means that classes start in about five minutes.

You would have thought that after school they might have changed their attitudes just a bit. Nope. They continued then too. Just continuing to fool around instead of doing what they were supposed to. I didnt even bother to get angry. Didnt bother to yell. I just gave them all the rope to hang themselves with.

They were up bright and early this morning. Six in the morning comes early for foolish children. Every single chore that had not been done the day before, all the mess they left all over the house. Every last thing was done this morning before breakfast.

At least they didnt have the guts to tell me that they were too hungry to do their chores. Or how unfair I was being. They pulled that last time. I told them clearly they could wait, as it didnt seem to matter the day before when they wanted to fool around instead of getting up and getting moving.

Mind you the attitude of my beloved eldest still raged. She decided that I was picking on her. I told her that she was the one still throwing attitude at me. Not her sisters. She said she was doing that because she didnt like getting up at 6 in the morning to do chores. I simply replied, And I dont like disrespectful and disobedient children who dont follow the rules of the house.

She didnt have an answer to that.

They are just getting to their breakfasts now. Still a bit more left to get to. It is recycling and garbage day so there is still that to go out the door. The dishes are being done this morning for me. As the rule with chores is if you dont do them right the first time, you have to redo them. So every chore in house from yesterday is getting redone.

Its pushing quarter to eight. This ought to be interesting.

Oh and if they are mad at me this morning, I wonder what they are going to think of me tomorrow morning when they are back up at six?

Did I fail to mention that the last time I did this they were warned that if they pulled this stunt again that it would be two days that they had to get up early and do chores?

Bet you they dont remember that. I do.


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