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Victory is Mine!

February 4, 2010

I finally finished the novel I started writing about half way through NaNoWriMo 2009. NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. The most chaotic by the seat of your pants writing marathon you will find. The premis: Write a 50,000 word novel in a month. Me? I wrote 110,014 words last year. 101,633 words the year before and 86k & 51k the two years before that. I love the month of November, mostly for the people I have met and become great friends with, but partly because of the fact that it is the only month in which i get to let my creative side run my life.

And when I say run my life I mean run my life. The only thing that takes precedents over NaNo is my dear hubby’s birthday which happens to fall near the end of the month. Poor guy. I honestly feel sorry for him because it is ridiculous month for him. He’s got to be the one to make up for all my slacking. HA! Im not that bad but there are times when i look up from my writing and wonder how in the hell my house got messy. Either way it is a good month for me.

This year however I have taken a different approach to my writing. Generally I am not writing at this time of the year. I usually write in the fall, September to December. Normally I am working on finishing prior novels (Note: I have 8 novels started to date. Five of which are now complete first drafts) and then in November I have to start another novel, or two as the last three years have proven. So here is what my stack of writing looks like:

Sacrifice Of Innocence (1st Draft Done)
Dragon Twins (NaNo06 1st Draft Done)
Pieces Of You (NaNo07 1st Draft 2/3 Done)
An Insomniacs Dream (NaNo07 1st Draft 2/3 Done)
The Widow Maker (NaNo08 1st Draft Done)
Under The Raptors Eye (NaNo08 1st Draft 1/3 Done)
Only The Willing (NaNo09 1st Draft Done)
Venomous Hearts (NaNo09 1st Draft Done)

Then I also have another plot worked out for a 9th book called The Perfect Bite, but I have yet to pen a word on that one. Which is alright of course because I can work on that one come November 🙂

Either way I have 80,000 to 100,000 words left to write on the books I have already started. So that should keep me busy for a few months anyways 🙂 I am working on finishing up Pieces Of You now that I have finished Venomous Hearts. Then onto the mess of An Insomniacs Dream. (Its in pieces still from almost three years ago! I havent touched it since NaNo07 ended. Not in good shape)

My goal is to have all the started novels completed by the end of May or there abouts. I can do it. Ive just been lazy other years and this year that is not going to fly what so ever. Writing is going to become a priority for me.

Everyday a word begs to be written and this year I am going to answer.


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