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February 5, 2010

I spent the evening last night doing nothing at all. I mean I sat here talking with friends, watching television and reading things on the internet. Oh and I had a kick butt game of crazy eights with Hope! It was great.

Sure I didnt finish the second chapter of math for school. Truth be told I wasnt planning on starting that big giant book until next week, so Im not behind in school.

I only wrote about 500 and something words yesterday, but truth be told I wrote enough the day before to cover me for it. So Im not behind there either.

Today however is going to be a different story all together. I have a very large list of things to do, and a very short amount of time to get it done.

Things to do:
~Bake 1 9″x13″ cake
~Do a small amount of grocery shopping for tomorrows birthday party.
~get out party decorations for other people to decorate the house tomorrow morning
~get dinner ready for tomorrow morning so that I might pop it in the slow cooker
~tidy the house
~write a flash friday
~do some math homework
~work in the afternoon
~go update the file on quick books at work after dropping kids off with Daddy in the evening.
~come home and ice the cake

Then tomorrow I have to go in first thing in the morning and go finish up year end. Fun. I have to finish this all up as fast as possible, as tomorrow is my uncles surprise birthday party and I cant be late. Considering its at my house.

Ha! Off I go!


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