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On Getting Older…

February 8, 2010

I spent all of last week preparing for a surprise birthday party for our beloved Uncle Ralph. See my Aunt Barb had to fly out last week to tend to her elderly mother who had taken a bad fall and was now in the hospital.

My Uncle does everything in the world for the kids, me and Scott, and there wasnt a chance in hell that I was going to let his birthday pass by without the pomp and circumstance that it deserved. Usually Aunt Barb has it covered, but with her in NS, there was only me and Grams left to make sure that things didnt get over looked.

Well it was a day late due to some unforeseen problems, but there were a few things that had happened over the last few days that gave me pause and made me think just a bit.

None of us is getting any younger. My Uncle is now in his early sixties, Aunt isnt much far behind, Grams is a whopping 90 years old on her next birthday — me? Im 30 this year.

Which brings me to the grim reminder, that life is bloody short. Some of us may be lucky like my grams and live a good long and healthy life. And let me tell you folks, she isnt slowing down. Well lets be honest here, physically shes slowing down, but she still goes and does. She doesnt just sit there on her hiney and do nothing all day. She goes for walks, visits people and fiddles on her little computer.

But not everyone is blessed like her. She is special, no doubt about that. But who really knows when it comes to the rest of us?

Look at my Aunt Barbs mother, she was up until a year or so ago was a bright vibrant eighty something year old. And this weekend she passed away.

Life is too short my friends. Hang onto the moments that you have now. Dont let them go for anything. Dont miss even one. Take a hold of the life that you have embrace it. Love it.

But most of all…. LIVE IT.


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