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No Rest for The Wicked…

February 9, 2010

…Or me either Im afraid. Despite my clear lack of proper rest the night before I did not get to bed until 1am this morning and then i some how found myself awake at 6 this morning. No I didnt have to be drill sgt mom or anything of that sort. Just woke up early. Managed to get myself back to sleep again for another hour, but now I am even more tired than I started out.

I should have just stayed awake.

Now I am stuck feeling groggy and sleepy and well just plain yucky. The yucky is due to other reasons, also the same reasons i was woken up this morning. We wont go into that though.

Either way, I am going to have to find a way to make it through the day without missing a beat.

I have writing to do. Yes I gave in yesterday and started a fantasy novel. I am going to write it in blog format. I am going to try and get the first couple of parts up and running soon, but it will be by invite only. So if you are interested in reading a WIP Fantasy, not to mention my first attempt at such let me know.

Either way. Im going to spend the day writing. Not in the mood to study. But then again I might just end up doing that. Who knows. Alls I know is that I have to go to two jobs today and some how keep myself vertical and mentally sound through it all.

Wish me luck.


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  1. February 10, 2010 12:10 pm

    sounds like the party was a hit, even if there was a loss in the family :[ im glad you managed to pull it off! and i'd love to read your work – eventually i'll get round to reading the other book you sent me 😀 Can't wait! xxxx

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