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Halfway Point

February 10, 2010

So its Wednesday. It is snowing out for once. I am tired.

AJ is doing much better after another wild day yesterday. She went to school after being off all day on Monday because of a stomach ache. But that didnt last long. She called me about an hour into the day and said her chest was burning.

So after a good sized AJ/Mom showdown on the phone (she didnt want to come home, tried to play it off like she just wanted to let me know and that she was going to be alright.) I went to get her.

Once we got home the burning feeling got worse. I figured it was the cold outside irritating it so i sent her to her room, where it is warm. Well that didnt go over well and she ended up working herself into a frenzy that made everything worse.

Long story short she has minor tonsillitis and a minor chest infection. So she is off again today.

This however is not the case for me. I am headed out the door to go to work all day to make up for the two days I have missed. My beloved husband is playing nursemaid today, poor guy. NOT! He has it easy to be truthful. She at least can rest easy today and we know what we have to do for her. Yesterday was hell on wheels for me and there was no such a thing as rest.


I guess I should really be getting my gear packed to head to work now.

Off I go…

going now…




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