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Four Days Down, One To Go

February 11, 2010

So I am still standing after another day done at break-neck speed. The good news is that I made up for the lost time I lost earlier this week at work. Bad news is my poor Hope ended up having to come home at lunch. She slept and slept all afternoon and seemed fine after that.

For those of you keeping count, thats AJ home for three days, and Hope home for half a day.

All I have to say is that when it rains in my life, it doesn’t just rain it bloody pours. I was lucky yesterday as I called in the heavy cavalry to help with the kids. My beloved husband, also known as Mom’s Back-Up, took a sick day to help keep things running smoothly and on time yesterday so that I could get things back on track at work. He was my hero of the day.

Thankfully enough I sent both young ladies off to school this morning. So that means as long as I dont get a phone call at some point today from the school telling me to come get one of them, then we can assume the worst is over and life will go back to its normal brand of chaos.

I never realized just how important routine is to me until the last few days. It is not just the kids that need the structure; its me as well. Without the structure of a routine I dont seem to get a dammed thing done around here. If I am stuck running here and there rather than sticking to my schedule I end up getting behind on things and then I feel like I cant get caught up. The flip side of that is if I try to keep up with the schedule while running here and there I go just about nutty trying. Its just not possible and I just end up wearing myself down.

So that being said I am behind all over the place with my writing, I have not done a stitch of school work all week. And the house work is decent, although it too is a bit behind.

So thankfully it will be friday soon and I will have a three day weekend to recoup the loss of energy as Monday is Family Day and I am starting to think that a PJ Day is needed for the five of us.

Maybe we might squeeze in a hike through the parks in there. Have to wait and see how the rest of the weekend plays itself out.

Ok, off to get some other work done now, writing, school, house work. It never stops.


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