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February 12, 2010

Oh my gawd! I am so happy its friday! AND its a long weekend friday which makes it entirely that much better!

The only damper is my poor dear Hope has succumbed to the bug that has been plaguing her since Wednesday afternoon and is now snuggled in her bed with her LuLu Bear. Poor kid.

So needless to say plans for anything today are shot. No work for me, but that means Im in for a bit tomorrow morning. Maybe. I might not bother. Have to see how I feel in the morning. Im allowed to be run down too and this week has been hell on earth for me.

Well no there has been worse weeks for sure. But in recent years I think this is one of the worst sick weeks. The only other one that comes to mind is the time when I had two of them with strep and one with scarlet fever. Yes you heard me correct. I said scarlet fever.

No its obviously not a dead disease because one of my children clearly had it.

Any ways that was one hell of a fun week too. Spent the majority of it sitting snuggled on the couch with the kids watching CSI Miami.

I think some CSI is in order for today as well.

That is so long as I dont kill Ms. Attitude. That was one thing I didnt miss when AJ was sick. But as it would seem shes stock piled the TUDE and is now giving it out left right and center. GRRR!

Thank god they leave for school in about 15 minutes.

Either way. I am home today and will make sure that I get lots of writing done 🙂 And maybe some school work which has sadly been neglected all week. Oh! And I have to get a concept idea out for a friend of mines website on the weekend at some point so I suppose I should do that as well.

Lots to do! Catch yall later!

Oh and for those who are looking for my Flash Fiction Friday post you can now find it and all of my other flash fiction here


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