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February 13, 2010

So I went out last night to get rid of the cabin fever I was feeling. It was AWFUL! The farthest I made it yesterday was to the end of the driveway. Then my neighbor called and invited me out for coffee. I jumped at the chance just to get out of the house. Not that I dont love my kids but yesterday I felt a little trapped. I didn’t even get to walk the kids to school or home because Hope spent the day sleeping.

Anyways went to grab coffee and then did some retail therapy. I needed some pots for a bunch of plants the kids gave me for my birthday. See they were three plants in a small pot shaped like a pumpkin. It was very cute. And the best part of it was I havent killed any of plants yet. Which is huge with me and indoor plants. I seem to kill most things indoors or my cats eat them. Either way. My cats haven’t eaten them and I havent killed them, but they were out growing the pot. So it was either transplant them into bigger pots or watch them suffocate themselves. So aside from three new pots I bought a small ivy plant for each of the two big pots. And then I bought a small african violet for the small pot. The whole set up looks really nice on my fireplace, where my cats dont go, and the sun light streams in from the big back window.

So while repotting my plants, I sat and watched the opening ceremonies for the olympic winter games. And what a show that was. A sight to behold for sure. It even better knowing that I too had been a part of history. We had been lucky enough to have been trying to cross the street when the torch came along. We were a mere car lane away from it. So to see the that flame still burning miles from where we saw it. It was magnificent. And the performers! WOW! the sets, the music, the last performance speech (not the blooming politicians and CEOs)it was all so much. I stood for my national anthem, i cheered for my team, I clapped for the performers and I had tears in my eyes.

The best was sharing it with people who matter to me. The kids, Scott and my friends and family. It was so wonderful sitting here last night with everyone.

And onto today.

It started off slow this morning. Lazy Saturday morning in bed with my kids. It has been nice having not to rush off somewhere, not to have to worry about getting people off to places. Except for Scott. He is the SLOWEST human being on the face of the planet when it comes to getting up and getting moving.

He wanted to go out today to get a gift for me for Valentines day, which is fine, but what he doesnt know is that we have a reservation for 6:15 tonight at Canyon Creek Chophouse for dinner. He also does not know that the babysitters, our beloved Nortons, will be here at 5!

He just left a half an hour ago. It was 2pm. I dont know this whole surprising him thing is for the birds. He is SOOO hard to surprise sometimes.

On a completely different note he is also completely horrible at gift buying. I mean he does it and does a good job at what he does buy, but he hates shopping and is always and forever asking me what I want him to buy me, which of course defeats the purpose of surprising me. Its not like I am complaining, I always get what I would like to have, but I love surprises and he just doesnt get it that that is the best part of it. At least to me it is.

Ah well. Why am I sitting here whining about it when he does more than most men do. That and I actually have someone who loves me. That is what matters in the end. And I know that. I just would love one surprise. Just one.

Anyways I should get back to writing here, as I do have a lot of that to do before the sitters get here, and I would like to have something on paper (screen) before I leave tonight as once we get dinner done we are going out to see a movie. Wonder what movie we will see. I want to see Book of Eli, or Edge of Darkness or maybe that other one — god I cant think of the name of it now! Extraordinary Measures, thats it! Or maybe we might just be like everyone else and go see Avatar.

Who knows? But I know we shall have a lot of fun doing it. So there šŸ˜€


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