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And its Over…

February 16, 2010

Just about as fast as it began this wonderful weekend of mine is done. So much for a long weekend. Seemed more like a blip on a screen than a full on three day weekend.

So what ever became of my Saturday date? It went well. Dinner was nice, ate far too much but that is the whole point of spoiling yourself! Scot was totally thrown for a loop. He said at one point the words “shit she got me again” went tumbling through his mind when our beloved babysitters came barreling up the stairs telling him to get out. HA! We didnt end up seeing a movie because he didnt want to see any of the ones I did and I didnt really feel like seeing Avatar after all. Not to mention the fact that it was sold out. So we ended up walking around Walmart for a bit ended up getting ourselves a few new things that we wanted rather than needed without our kids underfoot, which was nice for a change.

Then we had a romantic walk home in the falling snow. It was nice we went to Timmies and grabbed coffee and took the long road home. Only problem is was I was wearing dress shoes and it was a touch cold, but totally worth it!

Yesterday it was back at it again after lazing about in bed opening our Valentines day bags. We all made our own out of decorated paper bags. It was nice. Daddy made some for his girls, and I had some cool recordable ones I had found. And of course the kids had ones for each other and for us. I got the TV series Castle Season One on dvd and a bag of Hersheys kisses, the caramel kind.

After that I ended up taking Hope to the doctors because she still wasnt doing much better. Good thing I did because it ends up poor kid had an ear infection. My poor Hope. Either way she is now on the mend as we have some antibiotics in her now and shes looking mucho better.

Last night our neighbour decided that she was going to kick Scott and I out for a coffee for Valentines day so what do we do? Go Geocaching of course! Timmies, donuts, maps & flashlights in hand we headed out around 815 last night to try and find three caches — in the dark!

Lucky for us between the clues and some good thinking we were able to find all three that we were after last night 🙂 Two hours and change later we came in the door laughing our heads off and flying high with exhilaration at having found not one but three of them in the dark!

They were all really a trip to find to tell the truth. The first one we found we had almost given up looking for. My flashlight just happened to catch it the right way and reflected the light. Tiny little thing about the size of a golf ball. Score 1/1. The second one we found again by chance. One of the clues had been “Big Tree” and I had been looking at a couple of big trees when Scott yells over hey check this one out. Next thing you know I am reaching my hand up INSIDE the dammed tree. Well my heart skipped a beat when my hand hit on something that MOVED. It was the cache attached to a retractable cord. Ingenious I tell you! The last one for the night was just as tricky as we knew we were looking for a stump in a small woods. the path through the woods is well lit. But off the path, well its anyones guess. Again my Eagle eyed hubby located a couple of possibilities. Sure enough one of them was it. Another nice mounting job there too.

Today was Family Day. So what did we do? We went Geocaching again, with the kids of course. Took off at around 130 and didnt walk back through the door until around 5. Long walk I tell you but we had fun. Went after five caches and found two of them. Either way the kids had fun hiking around our area. The fresh air did us all some good and the exercise couldnt be beat.

We ate dinner watching a movie and then it was back to the grind stone for all of us. Back into weekday schedules and routines. Thankfully enough we get a somewhat normal week this week. I am pretty sure no one is going to be home sick. At least I hope not.

Other than that this weekend I didnt do much of the writing that I had hoped to get done. I mean I did get some long long long blog posts in but other than that I cant say as I even really wanted to write. Just wasnt in the mood, and writing when not in the mood does not work out too well. So instead I read.

Not that I did too much of that ut I did read some more than i normally would have. I was doing some research actually. On smut.

Go ahead, laugh. But seriously SMUT SELLS. Its one of the biggest sectors in the publishing industry. Romance is I mean. I call it smut because well, after reading half a books worth I can help but wonder how in the hell these characters could think of sex all day! HONESTLY!


So yes I might just try my hand at some smut in the near future in an effort to break into the industry just a bit. Will have to see. Either way the smut books I recently acquired are mildly amusing.

I guess I should go and return to writing what I actually should be writing. What say you? A chapter of fantasy and a chapter of suspense before bed? Sounds good to my ears too!


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