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Monday Monday…. Cant Trust That Day…

February 16, 2010

And yes. I realize that. Before any of you even say a word I know that it is no longer Monday. That it is in fact Tuesday. I realized that about half way through typing the second Monday in the title.

However, it feels entirely too much like a Monday this morning. So therefore I shall leave it as is because in spirit after a long weekend a Tuesday tends to feel like a Monday.

So, a friend of mine came to me this morning with a link to a contest being put on by the Toronto Star. Short stories, under 2500 words. Firsts prize is $5,000 and the tuition fee for the Humber College Correspondence Writers program. Second is $2000 and Third is $1000.

Now I could write 2.5K worth of wordage in an afternoon, but i am also seeing that the contest deadline is on the 28th. I need to be able to edit the dammed thing as well. So that being said I have a bunch of shorts that I think are decently plotted if they were tweeked just a little bit. And cleaned otherwise.

So that being said I am off to take a look at the one I think is most appealing to me at the moment and then run from there.


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