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Thank God Its Friday

February 20, 2010

Another week is in the books, and I cant help but wonder where in the hell all the days went. This week flew by, which in some ways I am thankful for it. The kids still dont seem to be their perky cheerful selves, Ky is now sick with something, Hope is still whinier than usual, and Aj seems to have gotten herself a head cold to boot. Oh well weekend equals rest time for them so Hopefully we will have them patched up by the time Monday rolls around.

Now onto the other things I have been coping with as of late. We all know that I have a boss from hell. Well I have been trying to get year end wrapped up for the last couple of months. The process really should not take this long however the fact of the matter is is that it is hard to get any decent amount of my work done there. I mean I am constantly having to correct the other peoples mistakes. Which apparently is my job (my boss and I had a discussion about this late last year. I tried to show him how not to make a mistake I was always having to correct and his response was, “my job is to make money and your job is to fix my mistakes.” A real charmer huh?) And I am constantly waiting on people to get their stuff done. I am constantly having to look for invoices that disappear. And all this is just so I can do MY job. Then I have the added bonus of having my dear boss bring me all sorts of things that are NOT in the job description of the bookkeeper. Which of course have to take priority over what I SHOULD be doing. As he says he doesnt have time to. Apparently I do. So that being said, because I am running short on time, having to super-multitask etc I am making errors, things are being forgotten, or are getting overlooked.

Which brings me to yesterday. Accountant came in to do year end. I was all happy because I thought we were in pretty good shape. Turns out everything is a goddammed mess. According to her. For four out of the 10.5 hours I was there yesterday she was saying “Oh my god” over and over again. With comments like “I cant work like this” spliced in. And when I try to explain things to her she is sitting there like “Don’t blame everyone else.”

Problem is I am not “blaming” anyone. I am stating a problem, and wanting a way to solve it.

See my boss isn’t the type who likes change. Generally speaking, his way is always better than the rest of ours. Even if his isn’t working out, or isn’t an ethically acceptable method. Yes newsflash, my boss isn’t all that ethical sometimes. If he can screw someone he will.

So yes bringing him a new way of doing something isn’t going to go over well if it goes over at all. Even if he accepts the idea, he will not bother to change what he is doing, he will just expect you to fix his mistakes for him.

See the vicious circle here? I do. AND I WANT OUT!


The unfortunate fact of the mater here is that I CANT leave for a number of reasons. Sound responsible, respectable reasons. Good money, flexible schedule and most of all stability.

So stuck I am for the next three years at least until my kids are old enough to be on their own for a few hours until Scott and I can get home from work.

*BIG sigh*

It will get better. Someday. I promise me.

At least after tomorrows hell shift I get the happy thoughts of going out with a couple of friends of mine for dinner and then a NaNo Winter Reunion for some bowling.

Then home to my hubby and kids for the rest of the night. Wish me luck tomorrow folks. Im going to need it.


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  1. February 20, 2010 11:59 am

    Just keep focusing on the good parts of life – work's just a method of getting to those, sadly it's essential :[ keep ur head high! xxx

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