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OMG… Can we say INSANE WEEK?

February 22, 2010

Yes folks we are nuts. Well no allow me to correct that. I am nuts. Completely and utterly.

This is what I have on tap for the week:
~Get the inventory done by hand
~Rework the short story “The Stew” for contest and edit.
~Get some homework done, i have not been doing it for two weeks. Bad me.
~Finish writing Pieces Of You. I have 11 scenes left to write.
~Build a website, get hosting for it and get it live.

Plus housework and working two jobs.

Sometimes I think my life thinks I am a miracle worker, and in some cases I am. I have been known to work miracles in the past but this is a huge thing. Not sure I can do it … if I do it will mean i have to focus and I seem to have none since last Thursday.

Going to have to find some and fast. House work done for the most part already today. Two kids are off to school.

Now should I start off with the small stuff or tackle the big thing first? Ill flip a coin and get to it.


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