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February 24, 2010

That is where I sit now. My body is begging for its bed. My eyes drooping. But I still stand tall and will keep rolling today at all costs.

I have in the past two days managed to get two of the projects done on my list of things to do. I finished and brought live the new site. Click here to have a gander at it.

And I have redone the short that I needed to for the short story contest. Took a story that sat at 631 words to 1931 words. Flushed it out nicely I think.

After getting the site live last night I was up until 130 this morning rewriting the short. Which is why I am so out of it this morning. As it is thought I am going to have to take a trip downtown and hand deliver the story to The Star. I would have to mail it tonight and pray that it made it there by Friday. Not a chance I am going to put that much faith in our postal system. So one way or another I’m trekking downtown one day on the weekend.

I want to go back to sleep, but there is still far too much to do.

What I have left on my list of things to do is:

~Finish the inventory, which I did start on Monday, but it got pushed aside while I did some other things.
~Get some school work done. God I feel so guilty for not having done anything in two and a half weeks.
~Write like the wind to finish the book I am writing. (11 scenes left to go)

So there you have it folks. The miracle worker still has what it takes. Just need to put my back into it and get it done.


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