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Still Standing…

February 25, 2010

So here I stand with just a few days to go in the week. How am I shaping up heading into the weekend? Pretty dammed good actually. I have finished most of my inventory all of the website, the short story is cleaned up and ready to go.

What I have left to do for the week:
~Finish inventory (8 pages to go)
~do some school work
~Write the last 11 scenes of my novel.
~write a flash fiction for Friday

Yes I realize the last thing on the list has not been there all week. However, it is something that I said I would do every week this year. I dont intend to let myself go on this.

Here is the game plan for the rest of the week until Sunday night.
~Finish inventory this morning, take it to work this afternoon and get it off my dammed coffee table… its orange folder annoys me just looking at it.
~spend the rest of the day working on school work
~Tomorrow morning, write my flash fiction
~rest of tomorrow and all of the weekend, write the 11 scenes of my novel.

I think I can do it. 12k words, 8 pages of inventory and a bunch of math problems. No problem for the much loved hero.


Time to don on my spandex pajamas and cape.


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