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March 1, 2010

An excerpt from a letter to my Dad, I cant put it any better a second time around…

I was standing in Yonge and Dundas square when the puck dropped (actually we were crossing the street, diagonally of course, watching it on the giant screen). I had to go downtown yesterday to drop off my entry in the Toronto Stars short story contest (deadline was midnight), so I met up with a writer friend down there for book shopping at the worlds biggest bookstore and a late lunch.

Then I spent most of the rest of the game travelling to some family to visit for coffee as they are headed into the hospital this morning, all the while getting updates from scott and the kids who of course were glued to the TV. Ended up staying for dinner, and watching The Kid bring it home! And yes I was sitting there screaming at the TV the whole heart stopping time. When we won I had scott and the kids on the phone and all I heard was this high pitched squealing and then silence (guess they stopped to catch their breath) and out of the silence AJ, with all the wisdom of a child says “Wait, did we win?”

That to me speaks volumes for what the games should be about. Someone won, cheer now, figure out who it was later. We have had a spectacular run as Canadians. The five of us have lived in our Olympic sweaters over the last 17 days, in fact Im wearing mine right now. Truth be told, last night when scott and I went grocery shopping after the kids went to bed we wore our sweaters without our jackets just to show our pride. It was thankfully warm enough to do it if you had a warmer sweater type thing on underneath! In the last 17 days we have shifted bedtimes to allow for the games, not much but enough for the kids to see SOME of what we did. Sadly they missed the big show last night, however, Scott and I decided that we would be buying the DVD box set of the Olympics. Just because it was so spectacular.

As a family who focuses more on the arts than sports, that speaks volumes about what the games made us feel. And yes all 14 times we rose to our feel, when they played our national anthem. And we sang in our living room and didnt care who heard us. It is a spirit I pray lives on in everyone for a while longer. Never have I felt so much as a Canadian as I have in these last few days. So many people with those red mittens (yes me and the girls all have ours!) waving at each other for no other reason but just to say Hi! I am a canadian!

We saw the torch make its way down Hurontario (yep we were there!), we saw the culdron be lit, watched almost all of our athletes shine and watched the culdron go out. As far as I am concerened we were a part of history.



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