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Update: Dawning of a New Era…

March 3, 2010

Alright I have been doing my best to get started on the job hunting thing. I mean I have been trolling the sites where I have found my jobs in the past. I have picked up and gone through the job papers. Sent out a bunch of resumes and the like.

But truth be told my heart is not in it. See here is my problem. I dont WANT to quit. I hate the boss. Thats it really. Other than that everything is manageable. Gosh I wish he would just stop being an jerk! Honestly is it really that hard to speak to others with respect?

I am a BOOKKEEPER. No where in that does it say office administrator. Or problem solver. However i am completely capable of doing such things. And the best part is I dont mind doing them so long as they dont interfere with the things that I have to get done. Things in my job description have to come first, then I can help you with the things that are in your job description. No problem.

Three things I dont like;
1) If you have something outside of my job description that you need me to do, ASK me, dont tell me to do it. I dont mind helping out when I can but Im supposed to do my job and you are supposed to do yours.
2) If I do something for you once that is outside of my job description do not assume that I am going to be the one responsible for it from now on. You need to do your job and I need to do mine, otherwise your job would be my job and you would be out of work.
3) If you have something out side of my job description that you need me to do, please find out if I have time to complete my tasks as well as yours. If I dont do not make your job a priority above mine. I get paid for mine you get paid for yours.

*Groan* I wish that things would be different. I dont want to quit my job.


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  1. March 4, 2010 12:53 am

    probably a very stupid question, but have you just… refused to do everything else? like you say, you're a book keeper. refuse to do the rest? x

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