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If They Only Knew…

March 4, 2010

So my daughter and her best friend have been at it again today. And for a while now I thought we had stopped the nonsense that seemed to have plagued their relationship from the beginning.

Well maybe not entirely the beginning. But at least the second month of it. See they became fast friends in September of this year. And they have spent a whole lot of time together, both at school and before and after. Almost every single day. Sometimes they have a chance to see each other on the weekends as well.

They have had sleepovers, play dates, study sessions and bitch fests. Yes these kids know how to bitch and complain. I swear I dont remember ever having been so petty when I was a kid. Maybe I was just to a different degree than the kids of today. Or maybe it was because I didnt have that many friends to begin with so I didnt end up in the petty bickering. I dont know to be honest.

I remember I spent my fair share of time in the main office of my grade school after getting into it with one or another of my classmates. Generally it was because they had made a particularly nasty comment about me or had taken something of mine.

You see I was always the outcast. The girl no one would ever admit to liking, the one that always got the brunt of the bullying. Some of the people I knew back then have come to me in recent years and apologized for the things they had said and done. Me? What can I say? I forgave them. What else is there to do? We were kids and we knew nothing back then. As an adult, with kids of my own, I can understand that now.

Back then? It stung like a thousand bees.

But I digress. My daughter and her friend seem to have this on again and off again relationship that is enough to make you seasick with the way it goes. Most of it stems from the fact that one of them is having a bad day and tosses some attitude at the other and the next thing you know it snowballs from there. Then you end up where they are right now. One or both pissed off and the other hurt.

And no matter how many times I keep telling them that when they grow up that its not going to matter in the long run, the silly things that they are arguing about anyways, it will not stop them from bickering. They will get over it I am sure. They usually do but I am telling you I wish like hell I could make them both listen to me. Well I mean and actually hear what I am saying.

“Wisdom comes not from hearing about it but from doing it.”

Im not sure who said that or even if thats the right quote, but the shoe sure fits here.


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