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Another Week….

March 5, 2010

…Has come and gone.

While I am seriously glad that this week is over I am not looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow is another 8 hour stint with the guy that drives me batty. This week it has been all about the one thing that I HAVENT done right. In other words for all the things I have done right, the small miracles that I have performed, he says nothing, but for the one or two things that I have messed up, and it could be as simple i didnt call and hound people to see if they recieved a fax, he blows a gasket. I mean yes I understand that out of the two faxes that I didnt call and confirm, that we lost five hundred dollars. I get that, its a pain in my ass. No doubt about it. But for crying out loud, how many OTHERS did I get right under the same circumstance? 10? 20? At least.

So anyways today they are redoing inventory. Top to bottom store, shop and storage. Im not sure how this is going to help, however it is going to make more work for me to get done. Oh well what can I do. He wants it perfect. We will get it pretty dammed close. Perfect requires us to tear out every code in the computer at the moment and reenter them all from scratch again.

He wont do that.

So a recount it is. And me to reenter it all. Fun. I swear. Really.

Pray for me.


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