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So its over…

March 7, 2010

At least for the week anyways.

Thanks to a wonderfully busy day I managed to get a ton of work done because the shop was too busy for the boss to have time to come and yell at me.

I sit here just two days away from the accountants coming in and I look at the things that I still have left to get done. As hard as I have worked on getting it all done. There is little chance that I will make it in time. Sadly enough.

The worst part of it is that I find myself really not caring either. I gave it my all and did far more than anyone would have expected me to accomplish. That being said I can sit there and be proud of myself. I worked senselessly for two full weeks, three full eight hour saturdays. I know I gave it everything that I had.

And if thats not good enough well in the immortal words of Rhett Butler “Frankly my dear I dont give a damn.”

To be completely honest I dont know that it will be enough for the accountant that I had a run in with two weeks ago. She seemed pretty adamant about the fact that if I couldnt bring it back from the dead that she would be informing the boss that I needed to go.

And thats alright with me.

Why you may ask?

I have a job interview on Monday morning. A gentleman contacted me yesterday afternoon after having seen my resume online. It is full time, the position involves me using all of my admin/clerical/accounting skills and it is right beside Scotts work. Well just a block away. Which means that I will be able to see him at lunch sometimes, and certainly ride home with him at night.

All thats left is the money. Thats the only thing I need to know about this job before I can jump at it. That and if they will hire me.

I am pretty sure since it was they who contacted me, not the other way around that I stand a pretty good chance at getting in so long as I dont do anything ridiculous in the interview.

So wish me luck 🙂

Tomorrow is going to be another pretty day, warm and sunny. Which is good because my dear daughter is competing in BandFest 2010 and she is desperate to wear a skirt. Its going to be a long afternoon, we need to leave around 3 to be there on time and then we probably wont be getting home until 830 that night.

Oh well. She is deserving of the praise. She has worked hard this year and has started taking it more seriously. She realizes now that in order to add another medal to her lot she needs to work her tail off. I do hope that they win something.

Anyways off to do some other writing and play some bowling with the neighbour 🙂


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