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The Winds Of Change Are Blowing…

March 8, 2010

… and they are blowing in our favor.

I walked into my interview this morning with the thought “Knock em Dead”.

And that whats exactly what I did.  After a fourty minute interview I was walked around the office and introduced to everyone.  I was so elated. I still am right now.  For once in my life I seem to find myself at a loss for words. I know how I feel about the whole situation. I know how everyone else feels. I just cant for the life of me find the words to describe the sense of freedom I am feeling. Not that I ever really doubted myself or my abilities, but there is always somene out there who is better. And for once I was the one who was best. They even told me that they didn’t normally hire people on the spot, that I was the exception, not the rule.

And I finished off the night with a nice dinner with the kids and Scott, and then a nice walk and coffee with Scotty to celebrate out 5th wedding anniversary. Yes folks the man deserves a medal for having put up with me for the last five years. LOL.

Truth be told he is a wonderful husband and I have been truly blessed to be married to a man like him. He has given me the courage and the strength to see beyond the everyday and want for something more. He has been an enormous wealth of strength to put myself out there with my writing. I couldnt do half of what I do without him. He is such a wonderful husband and role model to the kids.  He makes me want to be a better woman. And he never leaves the seat up. He is perfect in my eyes.

Although I havent a clue what the hell I did to deserve a man like him, I am so dammed glad I have him.

To you my love; may we have another 100 years together, just as we are today, as without you I would be lost. I love you.

Our Wedding...

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