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Two Down Three To Go…

March 10, 2010

… I am so nervous. Friday is racing at me at full tilt. I cant slow it down nor can I stop it. It will be here sooner than I think.

I will have to face my boss that day. The coworker that knows what is going on is packing a lunch that day. Im not so worried about what I will say, I know the words will come out the way they have to when the time comes. BUT I am worried about how my boss is going to take the news. I know he is going to flip out, that much I do know, but as to how much is entirely a different matter. Not that I really care at this point what he says. I mean what can he REALLY do to me? Absolutely nothing. But I dont want him to hurt me. And thats what I am most afraid of that he will loose it and hit me or something. My coworker says if he does sue him. That and the dog that works with us, my coworkers dog, does not like violence. So I think I am ok. Just nervous.

The rest of this week I need to sort out what I have to do to get the house in shape for next week. There is a list a million miles long. Well not quite that bad, but you know what I mean. It FEELS like its a million miles long…

OOPS! I forgot to post this… i started in on my list of things to do and completely forgot to hit post! Good news is I have a good chunk of them done now 🙂

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