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A Decade Ago Today…

March 18, 2010

… I became a mother. At this time of the morning I was laying in a bed in a hospital in Thornhill, ironically the same hospital where I was born nineteen and a half years before, with a tiny baby in my arms, holding onto her for dear life.

I remember the fear, I didnt want to ever screw it up. And I remembered the utter determination that this was going to be the one thing that I would not screw up. And I remember looking at my tiny angel in my arms and thinking how blessed I was to have something so perfect in my arms to love and hold and cherish.

Not much has changed in ten years. I still have that same fear, that same determination and that same love for my baby.

And yes she is still my baby even though she stands just over four and a half feet tall. A far cry from the seven pound, 21 inch baby I brought home from the hospital.

None the less she is still my baby and I am proud of her and the things that she has accomplished and the growth she has made.

I know life is hard being the eldest. I was and am the eldest too you see. So I know how hard it is to grow up without no one to follow, and how it is that everyone is watching you.

It is survivable. And we eldests make it through it. Just remember to be yourself and do your best. Happy birthday Big Girl 🙂 I love you.

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