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Tis Another Monday…

March 29, 2010

…Well I didnt get near as much stuff done as I wanted to this weekend. I mean dont get me wrong I did get a poop load of stuff done, however it wasnt all of what I wanted. I mean the house got cleaned. The food got bought, laundry done. That sort of thing, but I guess Im cheesed at myself for not having gotten the coding done that I wanted to. And there was no school work done, and no writing either.

But I did go and see my Grams this weekend, along with my aunt and uncle! Got to chill with my amazing writer friends. And then went to my first ever games night at my friend Errol’s. That was all on Saturday! Long day, but definitely a fun one.

Then yesterday I spent the day running around spending money. No it wasnt like that at all. I mean i did run around and spend money but it was groceries and Easter gifts for the kids.

At least I got all of that out of the way. I can rest easy for the remainder of the week. Although I do have to find out when Ill have time to go grocery shopping this weekend. Saturday morning maybe? Cos I know I will have piano make up lessons in the afternoon, and then dinner at my mother in laws after that. Friday and Sunday are out of the question for groceries. Which I dont mind, means I got two days to sit on my butt and do nothing 😀 Well. Not nothing at all. I mean no errands to run, places to be that sort of thing. I would love to have one day just to vegetate in my jammies.

Oh well four more days to go and then its LONG WEEKEND TIME!!!!

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