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Almost there…

March 31, 2010

It is almost my first long weekend from work in almost forever. Well it just feels different than any of the others that I have had in the last five years. This year I actually get PAID to hang out with my kids and hubby. Gosh I love that.

Not only that but it is also going to be a great weekend weather wise too. I mean sunny and warm and barely a cloud in the sky.

OH! and I get to see my nephews on friday! I love those lil guys they are so dang cute! I wish I could wrap em up and put em in my pocket.


There are some days where I wish I had a son. No doubt about it. I would have liked to have had someone to carry on the family name, but it did not work out like that.

Now dont misread that as my not being happy with my daughters. I am and then some, I would never want to replace any of them. Not in a million years. But I guess there is always a time in our lives where we want the things we cannot have. I know for a fact that we cant afford another mouth to feed. That time wise we do not have the time to put into raising another child, it is hard enough with three. I mean if we had to no doubt we would, it would just be VERY hard to do.


I think I just managed to make myself sound like an awful person. So allow me to reiterate the parts that matter.

I love my life. I love my daughters. I only muse about what life would be like if I had a son because I can, not that I will.

Believe me when I say I thank God every day for the life I have. I wouldnt be half the woman I am today without the life I lead.

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