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Wow.. Where Has The Time Gone…

April 14, 2010

… It is not really a surprise. I mean I honestly do know where the time has gone. It has been a busy few weeks since I last checked in here. And I totally have had a blast for the most part.

It has been glorious weather and we have managed to get out with the kids almost every day. They got new scooters for Easter and have been working on mastering them. Monster has a good handle, AJ’s not far behind her, and Hope-a-roo is doing awesome by comparison to where she started. All are well in that respect.

We have been out geocaching quite a bit having a blast getting lost and finding new places to walk about. It is certainly a fun adventure to say the least.

The Cosgroves and friends are headed on a road trip this weekend. Nothing much just a day trip down to Niagara falls. We are headed down for the walk for MS and will spend the afternoon tripping around showing the kids what we can until its time to head home.

Will be an amazing thing for them to see! I cant wait for them to lay eyes on the falls for the very first time!! 🙂

Anyways! Off to work!

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