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There is Something About a Monday…

April 19, 2010

…that follows a busy weekend. I mean it wasnt an overly busy weekend in the sense that we didnt have a million and one places to go. Just a couple of places.

Friday night we went to go see a friend of ours daughter play in a high-school production. It was very much wonderful. Dinner theatre at its finest to be sure! The kids thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then Saturday we got some bad news in the sense that the van we had booked ended up not coming back on time and we couldnt rent it to go to Niagara Falls. But other than that the day was rainy and we didnt really do anything but watch some movies with our friends.

OH! I almost forgot! We did however procure ourselves a new GPS Do-Hingy. yes I just called our new and awesome GPS devise a DO-HINGY. They say everything happens for a reason and well I firmly believe that we were not supposed to go to Niagara Falls because we wouldnt have had the money to buy ourselves the GPS tracker (which was on sale) had we gone to Niagara falls.

So thats what we did ALL day on Sunday. We did a series of 10 caches. It was a puzzle seriese in which you had to find the first 9 to get the coords for the 10th. That walk took us just over 2 and a quarter hours. Then we decided to pick off a few we had missed previously due to lack of GPS. (There are just some that dont go over well without a way to properly track them, GoogleEarth is good for a lot just not all)

So all in all we found 12/12 caches we went after and the entire trip took us just about 5 hours round trip. Twas a wonderful way to spend a Sunny Sunday afternoon with the kids. And all it cost us for the trip was three pit stops at local Tim Hortons.

Either way it was a good weekend in my books and this week is shaping up to be a busy one but it too will be good. There is never a dull moment in my world.

Thats why it is the best!

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