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Screnzy Is Over…

May 1, 2010

… a set of words that i did not think that would have the impact that it does on me. I started out thinking it would be easy. I actually started my script three or four days in. Thought it would be no problem. But see there was a problem, and those that follow me regularily here can tell. I have to writing power. It was almost as if i had forgotten how to write.

I mean I know what it was that caused me to burn out. I had gone through NaNoWriMo at a breakneck pace and didnt really stop much after that.

Now had that been all that i had to go through that in itself would have been alright but you will remember from my earlier posts that I also have just gone through a huge upheaval in my carreer and a lot of things changed. Most of which were for the good, but there was a very highly emotionally negative charged week or so while I made that transition that ended up making me very sick. since then the very thought of writing has been the furthest thing from my mind.

I did however make a promise, not only to myself but to others as well. I said I was going to do Script Frenzy. And god forbid, I almost didnt. i didnt think I had it in me.

There were many thought who didnt agree with that. They are the ones who know me almost as well as I know myself. They were the ones who believed when I couldnt see it. So in no particular order…

Lil Vix: Kid you kill me. I swear you are just as insane as the rest of us. And dammit I am proud of you. You totally pulled an 11th hour win and I am go glad you never gave up! Way to go! (Now dont forget to do your homework tomorrow) Thanks Kid.

Vix: Girl you are a great support to me as always. You seem to know just when to pop on and remind me how awesome you think I am. I may not always see it but I am sure glad you do. Thank you.

Bunny: Dude, its all about the purple. No seriously. You truly are a wonderful friend and great support to me whenever I thought I couldnt make it. You were there with a YOU CAN DO IT! Not to mention the save with coffee the other night. Thanks for that!

HB: You crack me up. And you were also a wonderful friend. You never stopped believing did you? And thanks for the upcoming coffee my friend.

Red: We have been down this road together many a time. You and I writing away on our notepads all those years ago. It was a wonderous moment. You I have seen grow so much in our ever expanding family that I do not believe that ToNaNo/ToScrenzy would be the same without you and your fox whistle. Thank you.

Nat: Where would I be without you? Certainly not standing here babbling away about the good times I had this month as insane of a month as it was. It was you that told me that I must do screnzy and dang girl Im so glad you did. Thank you.

MiniMe: Yes you kid. My little friend. You impressed me the moment I figured out who you were. You are something special, there are not many kids your age who would even attempt the feat you did, let alone accomplish it. My hat’s off to you. And dont stop here! Thank you for joining our happy mess of insanity.

Al: HAHAHA! Yes you Chels. I know you and I havent had much time to chat this month, but thanks for being there at 1245 in the morning to share the moment with me. Thank you!

RoofHatTree Club Members: ^FTW is all I have to say.

And to those I havent given a personal shout out to here. You know have a special place in my heart, now and always. You are a family like i have never known. Thank you.

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  1. Victoria Black permalink
    May 2, 2010 6:56 pm

    *hugs* I’ve done my homework (mostly).

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