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Each and Every Year…

May 9, 2010

… I try to find the words that adequately describe what this day means to me. And each and ever year I fail miserably. It is not for lack of trying that is one thing i know for sure. It is more likely that there isnt truly a definitive way for me to accurately describe the way that I feel on the day that is there for children to pay homage to their mother. This year I swore that I would think about it before I sat down to write it all out and in truth I did. I stood in the shower this morning and thought about what it was that I was going to write this year. I thought of all the ways that I could describe the powerful emotions that fill my soul every time I think about what it means for me to be a mother.

The thoughts that ran through my head ranged from sappy and sentimental to almost clinical in nature. Nothing however quite hit the spot. There is a great big thing that sits in my heart and it isnt always something that is easy to describe. Now before you think I have completely lost it allow me to elaborate.

As a mother we have the greatest job on the face of the earth. It is also one of the hardest jobs as well. I do not think you will find a mother out there that will not agree with me wholeheartedly.

We work twenty four hours a day, with no vacation and for no pay. We are teachers, cooks, maids, friends, supporters. Our children are the first thing on our minds when we wake each morning and are the last things our thoughts dance around as we drift off to sleep at night.

They are the tiny people we would move mountains for. Walk across a thousand deserts for. Swim across ten thousand oceans for. Least I would for my girls.

And you know what the funny part about it is? They feel the same way about me. Except when I ask them to do chores or their homework. All joking aside, my kids are special little people. They are the most well mannered, smart, talented and personable little ladies I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And I am not being biased. Just ask anyone who has met them. They make me proud. We can go just about anywhere and they are great. It wouldnt be the first time someone comes out of the blue to tell me how great my kids are. And I dont think it will end any time soon either.

So lets get right to it. How do I feel about my girls in one hundred words or less:

They are the sunshine on my rainy days. They are the very air I breath. They are everything and then some to me. And I know full well that I wouldnt be half the woman I am today without them in my life. They have been my biggest supporters and my best teachers. They have given me the strength to be someone special. For that I will never quite be able to thank them, but every day I try again.

Do we have our moments where we dont see eye to eye? Yep, we have many of them. What mother and child doesnt? But at the end of the day they know full well that I love them with every fiber of my being and that I wouldnt have them any other way that what they are. To me they are perfect little angels that I am so dammed lucky to have in my life.

Ok so maybe it was a bit more than a hundred words. But hey! Nobody’s perfect…. Except maybe my girls.

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