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The Weather…

May 12, 2010

…is driving me abso-farking-lutely nuts. It is cold. It is wet. It is everything that it should have been LAST month. Who talks about a FROST WARNING in first week of May for god sakes? And I hate the cold and wet and rainy season to begin with. I thought for sure we were done with it after the warm 25C weather we had a couple of weeks ago. But no-sir-ee folks. Out comes mother natures last winter hurrah and she blasts us Saturday with some mega winds and cold temperatures. Since when am I supposed to see -3 WINDCHILL in May? Come on.

Alright I know I am griping about something that everyone else is suffering through but when you get up in the morning some time close to the middle of May and are freezing cold there is something wrong.

I know it is because of Global Warning that we are seeing these strange and almost ridiculous weather patterns. And I feel really bad. I know that it wasnt my fault per se but I still feel bad about what we as the human race have done to the Earth. Granted we didnt know what we were doing but then again were we really looking either? I dont know all I know is that me and the kids do everything that we can to make a difference in the world and try to help what we can to undo the things that were done by our forefathers.

You know I wonder if our forefathers knew that they were going to screw with the weather like this would they have ever made a car? Probably would have and just dismissed it as a lot of houey but you have to wonder if they had of known about the implications what wouldnt we have in our lives today?

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