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Adventures In Geocaching… Erindale Park

May 15, 2010

Whew! What an afternoon we had today! We decided to get ourselves out in nature for the afternoon. We had been hoping for some warm and sunny weather instead we dealt with looming clouds the whole trip. Thankfully there was no rain and barely any wind.

What we did have however was some awe-inspiring views as we made our way through not only University of Toronto – Mississauga Campus but also in the 220 acre Erindale park.
“In 1902, the land now known as Erindale Park was flooded and a dam was built to generate hydro electric power. The dam was subsequently demolished in 1954 and the site was re-mediated by Ontario Hydro. Following this remediation, the river bed was straightened, widened and relocated to its present location closer to the north-west valley bank. This provided a large flat area which was used as a sanitary landfill between the years of 1961 and 1965.”

Not too shabby for an old garbage dump!

It was a three and a half hour hike here and there around the park. We started out on the south end of the park making our way out to pop into St. Peters, the resting place of the late Oscar Peterson, (sadly we were not able to find his grave this trip out however we are hoping to the next time we are in the area, which should be next weekend if all works out well.)
Then into UTM to grab a couple of caches that were on the campus before heading back into the park itself.
All in all we had a great run, out of the nine we went after in the area we managed to get out hands on eight of them. The only reason we didnt get the ninth one was because it ended up being on the other side of the Credit river from us and we were running out of steam and didnt want to double back and use the bridge.

However we were greatly satisfied with the finds of the day and ended up being able to meet some of the local residents. Which of course made the kids very happy.

Then it was off to the “urban jungle” we all know and love called Square One for some good eats before headed home to the showers. Definitely a place that I would put high on my list of places to hike around in our fair city.

Today’s finds brings our cache find total to a big old 38. We are aiming to hit 100 caches before the end of the year. At the rate we are going we will be there before the end of the summer. Which is a good thing because caching in the winter months isnt exactly what you would call easy. HA!

Until tomorrow…

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