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Happy Days…

May 16, 2010

…are here to stay.

It was a glorious day for me. It was bright and warm and sunny. Got the groceries out of the way early and spent the afternoon outside in my beautiful garden studying. And yes I really was studying not sitting staring at my flowers as I normally do.

I did manage to complete one unit today and wrote the end of unit test for it and aced it with a 90%. I was much proud of me.

The kids had their own fun today as it was one of our neighbours kids birthday party so they took off at four and we didnt see them until their bedtime. Which of course left me and my darling husband some time on our hands.

And how did we spend it? GEOCACHING!

Well sort of. We ended up putting out two new caches in our local parks and eating dinner in the forest. Coffee at Timmies and then off to the Metro to check out their new arrivals in the flower department. Scott bought me one of the hanging baskets and I ended up splitting it into three for some uber cool hanging pots in my backyard.

My backyard I must add is looking highly awesome as of late, everything is growing beautifully. And my figment-of-my-imagination grass is a lush green.

What is figment-of-my-imagination grass you might be wondering. It is the grass that my imagination apparently put there after the grounds keepers in our condominium said that grass wouldnt grow. Now if I could remember which one of the bloomin’ idiots told me that I would make sure they ate crow the next time I saw them.


Everyone just had such a stellar day today I dont want the warm and happy feelings to end. But there is only five more sleeps until my day off!! YAY!

Until tomorrow…

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