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Adventures In Geocaching… Port Credit

June 2, 2010

What a scorcher it was for us this past Saturday. It was only nine oclock in the morning when we set out for a fun morning of caching on our way to visit family in Oakville. We decided that instead of leaving just in time to make the train out we would spend part of the morning there and do as many of the caches in the area that we could before hopping on the train. We were going to try and grab a few in Oakville once we disembarked the train however time was not on our side so we went 6 for 7 in Port Credit. (We found six out of the seven caches we were after)

We have spent a lot of time in Port Credit in the past as it seems to be one of our favorite places to go for ice cream on a balmy summers evening. We grab a cone off the ice cream truck or from one of two ice cream shops on the main strip. Then it is off to meander down the boardwalk and off to the farthest point on the pier. Then a walk along the water front before hopping back on the bus home.

This time however was all business. Well as much business as caching can actually be. I mean we did have time to stop and make some new friends. Spencer is an 8 week old pup with curious heart that just took to the girls. He had them all in stitches as he climbed all over them licking them.

The lake was beautiful and there was lots of muggles (“Muggles” being the term used for people not in the know about Geocaching) about thus making it a bit harder for us to be stealthy but we seemed to manage alright and didnt get too many strange looks. We enjoyed the lake’s cool breeze and the beautiful view. It was certainly a wonderful morning, sadly however I didnt get the sunscreen on fast enough and I ended up burnt to a crisp. The kids however are just slowly turning a nice roasted chestnut brown… lucky things. To be young again.

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