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I WILL Stand Up For My Daughters…

June 2, 2010

That is my mantra at the moment. Life for dear AJ has not gotten any better at school. Her ex-best friend is being utterly miserable to her. And poor AJ doesnt know where to turn.

I have had talks with the school about what is going on. I have had talks with AJ about staying away from this girl many times. I have begged and pleaded with her to avoid the other girl at all costs. I have even in the past spoken with this girls parents about her behavior but all I get there is kids will be kids routine. Or they try to blame AJ for egging their daughter on.

But after all of things I have done this kid is still hassling AJ and poor AJ finds herself getting into more and more trouble with other teachers for trying to stand up to the bully.

My last discussion with the vice principal left me with the impression that he was going to monitor the situation, and keep this girl away from AJ. And that if there came a time where something happened AJ was to be able to go to him about it. I was also under the impression that she would not be stopped by other teachers should she choose to invoke the right to speak with him.

However she has been told far too often that she can not go to speak with him and sadly she has obeyed their wishes which has only caused the other girl to laugh at AJ. AJ tried to tell her to go away and the kid just looked at her and said Make Me.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! (insert appropriate swear here)

I am going to call the school again in the morning and put my foot down. I want them to make sure that this kid does not go anywhere near my daughter again. PERIOD.

Thank god there is only 19 more days left in this school year. Hang in there AJ summer is coming baby-doll.

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