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Adrift at Sea

June 8, 2010

I am sitting here, and I suppose I should be studying. I could even be playing the video game I have been enjoying since the weekend. Or reading or even working on a crochet project for someone. Instead however I am finding myself drawn to my computer like a moth to a flame.

There is an itch that is dying to be scratched. There is no focus to it. No direct route that I should venture in. But it is there. The need is great. A hunger that wont be ignored and cant be simply sated.

I want to write.

About who or what I dont know. None of my current novels in progress is calling me any more than another. There is no plot bunny bouncing around in my head. Not even a shred of an idea. Nothing. But I still want to write.

I should just start randomly writing something down but I dont even know where to begin. That and I think that I might even feel guilty for that simple pleasure. I have so much else on the go for myself at the moment. Things that have to take precedence over my hobbies and that in itself constricts the minds freedom. That might be why I cant think of what to write about. But I just know that that need is there. Haunting me.

It has been a while since I have written anything. March the fourth to be exact if you do not include Script Frenzy. Even that was the end of April. And here I am a month and something later and I am finding myself lost without my writing.

It used to be that when I finished National Novel Writing Month in the end of November that I would not want to write anything, or even be able to write anything, before August or September the following year. Now it would seem that I cant go that long without writing anymore.

I am going to have to find a way to balance my school work and my writing or I wont get anywhere with either. I cant simply ignore my school work to write, but if I dont do something I wont have the focus I need to do my school work. (Yes I become unfocused when I want to write and start feeling guilty for wanting to write when there are other things in need of being done.)

Ok its 11:20 almost. I am going to try and write something before I hit the hay for the night. Maybe that might cure me for a while. Who knows. Bloody muse.

Until tomorrow…

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